07.03.20 mh Portal Awards 60

 33-year-old Natalie Morgan from Penarth, has been shortlisted in the Higher Apprentice of the Year category at the national awards. She completed the Level 4 and 5 Higher Level Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management with Portal, which also earned her a nomination as Learner of the Year (Sport category) at the Portal Awards 2020.

Having worked as an actor in London for 10 years, upon returning to Penarth, Natalie decided to get some more qualifications under her belt. After securing a role with Welsh Gymnastics, she began her higher-level apprenticeships whilst working on some incredible community projects, including one of the most successful female only, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic projects in Wales.

There is nothing quite like a rugby match against England to bring out the patriotism and ‘hwyl’ in the Welsh. Many of my good friends are English, I love many parts of England, my brother and my sister live in England, and nothing feels more exhilarating than beating the English.  Beating them at anything, but especially beating them at rugby.

"As the last of snow thaws away, the craving for the light and warmth of the sun grows.  The pandemic may mean that beach holidays are a long way off but hopefully sunbathing on the golden sands of a foreign beach will happen again.  When it does, appropriate protection will be liberally applied to all parts of the body placed in direct sun light.  It would be ridiculous to consider protecting some parts and not others. If one part of the body is burnt the pain impacts the whole..."

Perhaps everyone remembers the interview for their first job. I certainly remember mine from 1988. A formidable primary adviser of the time asked me how I would set up my classroom.  I realise now that she suspected that as a student teacher, I had only ever taught in classrooms set up by others.  She was keen to see what type of learning environment I would establish.

"Those of us that remember 2007 may recall the slogan that Tony Blair used as he stated his priorities: Education, Education, Education. My suggestion for current leaders is that they amend this to Education, Vaccination, Vaccination..."