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Bespoke Courses

Bespoke courses at Portal are designed in collaboration with the sponsoring organisation/individual and it is important to us to that we really get to know who are working with in order that the partnerships are productive and effective. Bespoke packages are written to meet the specific learning and development needs of the organisation and the breadth of options for bespoke courses is wide; we discuss the topic, content, mode of delivery, duration of delivery and accreditation options during the initial meetings with Portal’s Professional Development Consultant.

Managing & Implementing Change in the Workplace

This unit is accredited by ILM and drawn from their suite of Leadership and Management qualifications. It aims to develop an understanding of and provide the opportunity to learn about and apply techniques for managing and implementing change.


Managing Improvement

This unit is accredited by ILM and drawn from their suite of Leadership and Management qualifications. It aims to develop an understanding of and the ability to manage quality; reflecting on existing practice and planning improvements to meet or exceed customer requirements.


An Introduction to Managing your own Professional Development

For personal and professional effectiveness, it is important to be self-aware. This course encourages learners to critically review their own skills, knowledge and behaviours and identify own strengths and weaknesses. It provides the opportunity and structure to plan to improve performance.

Understanding Your Beliefs, Attitudes & Values

This course offers the opportunity for introspection and raises self-awareness to examine how beliefs, attitudes and values impact own and others behaviour.

Conscious & Unconscious Bias

Everyone holds unconscious bias and the aim of this course is to challenge learners to raise awareness of these consider how these have the potential to impact their behaviours, decisions and performance.

Confidence & Assertiveness

This course is for those who would like to develop their confidence and assertiveness in the workplace. It explores different contexts and offers practical tools to develop individuals to communicate and deal with a range of situations more effectively.


The course offers the opportunity to understand resilience as a concept and provides tools, techniques and approaches that can be practiced to develop and sustain own levels of personal resilience.

Time Management

This course is centred around principles of effective working and raises self-awareness and effectiveness in own time management to achieve goals in the workplace. You will learn time management tools and techniques to work smarter and increase productivity.

Presentation Skills

This course examines the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of presenting and provides structured guidance and insight into the components of successful presentations.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Clear communication is an essential business skill to achieve organisational objectives, mutual understanding, direction and purpose. This course focuses on the scope of communication and interpersonal skills and challenges learners to identify areas to enhance their personal effectiveness in communication.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Good emotional intelligence improves communication, self-awareness and working relationships. This course introduces EI and explores one of the seminal models of EI theory against which learners will be challenged to identify how they will improve their personal effectiveness

CV Writing & Interview Skills

This course examines the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of CV writing and provides structured guidance, examples and insight into the components of an effective CV.

Influencing Skills

Productive working relationships lead to a more productive workplace and this course examines how to become a better influencer looking at different styles of influencing and practical steps that can be taken to influence others at all levels in the organisation.


This course explores the importance of feedback, why it is important for individual and organisation development and some practical tools and approaches to giving constructive feedback to a range of stakeholders - staff, colleagues and managers.

Coaching Skills

This short course provides an insight into coaching skills in the workplace. What skills and techniques can we draw on from coaching and mentoring professionals that will improve our working relationships and effectiveness in the workplace?

Understanding Personality Types

This course examines the different personality type and assesses learner’s personality type to raise awareness of how their own preferences impact their behaviours and that of others.

Building Confidence for Challenging Conversations

Difficult workplace conversations are inevitable and this course is for those who would like to develop their confidence in these situations. It explores the nature of ‘difficult conversations’ and provides practical tools and tips for managing these.

Building Rapport & Collaborating

Effective relationships lead to a happier and more productive workplace and this course explores the importance of rapport, negotiation and influencing skills in creating harmonious working relationships.

Situational Leadership

There is no ‘one best way’ in leadership and this course explores seminal leadership theory identifying models of situational leadership and encouraging learners to examine these in relation to their own practice in order to improve their and other’s performance.