There is nothing quite like a rugby match against England to bring out the patriotism and ‘hwyl’ in the Welsh. Many of my good friends are English, I love many parts of England, my brother and my sister live in England, and nothing feels more exhilarating than beating the English.  Beating them at anything, but especially beating them at rugby.

I can’t help but wonder why.  Those far more learned than I may refer to deep cultural issues relating to the Welsh being governed by the English, or to the plundering of Welsh natural resources. Perhaps it’s all more simple; small verses big, David verses Goliath. Regardless, whist patriotism, healthy competition and good-natured banter are good, racism, stereotypes and ignorance are not.

Throughout my career I’ve known of many occasions when Welsh educators have looked around the world for inspiration: visits to Sweden, to Canada, to Hungary to learn more about the way they teach and to bring the absolute best back to Wales.  However, at times, it seems to me that there is almost an unspoken law that in Wales we just have to do it differently than in England...

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Mike GlaviLINKEDIN MIKE PROFILE no shadown is a professional, committed educationalist with extensive experience of school improvement within a wide range of contexts, including local authority, consortium and a range of schools -faith schools, schools challenged by social factors and a prestigious international school.

Mike transformed the three schools he led as a headteacher, ensuring that the focus remained on the learners and what they needed. He went on to be a transformational leader as a senior officer in a local authority and as the Assistant Director and then Managing Director of the largest educational consortium in Wales.

In addition, Mike has significant experience of preparing candidates for Headship and in supporting/challenging schools as a system leader/primary adviser.

Mike is now Managing Director of his own company, Mike Glavin Catalyst Limited. Though he claims to be partially retired, he seems as busy as ever in supporting others to make a positive difference for learners.

Few have secured the credibility and respect that he is afforded in the world of education. His integrity and honesty, combined with the judgement required to know when to listen and when to speak out, ensures that his communication is clear, appropriate and effective. Mike is a hard working professional with a proven track record of thriving in challenging situations, whilst ensuring that the focus is on learners.