Developing a Whole School Positive Behaviour Management Policy Training Video


Portal Training in collaboration with Mike Glavin have created video guidance for “Developing a Whole School Positive Behaviour Management Policy”.

The video training can be used in a number of ways:

  • It can be used by a Headteacher, Governors and/or Senior Leaders to review an existing policy
  • Or it can be used as a tool to develop a new Whole School Positive Behavioural Management Policy (as a training day or during staff meetings).
  • The video can be paused at the end of each section and a discussion held to determine how you want that particular aspect of the strategy to look within your school. This can be recorded in writing before moving on to the next aspect.
  • By the end of the day, you could have a draft policy, co-constructed by all present for consideration by those with a Governance role or for consultation with parents.
  • Introductory Price:

    Buy now for just £145 + VAT

A word from Mike Glavin

“All that work within schools know just how important behaviour is to both the wellbeing and learning of pupils.  It can also impact significantly on staff wellbeing. Parents too are happier when behaviour within a school is good.

I know from my experience just how key behaviour management is.  As a teacher, Headteacher of three schools, a primary adviser, an NPQH tutor, a senior LA officer and Managing Director of the largest consortium in Wales, I saw what happens when schools get behaviour management right, and what happens when they get it wrong.

The video shares with you what I’ve learned along the way.  It includes examples of current practice from pupils and staff.

The disruption that schools have faced in recent years, together with the pressures of a huge agenda of change means that there is a danger that behaviour management is overlooked.  Schools do so at peril.  Now may well be the perfect time to review your school’s behaviour management policy in order to ensure that pupils, staff, parents and wider stakeholders know how behaviour is managed at you school.

I don’t like ‘off the shelf’ policies as school policies need to be real and relevant to the context of each school.  However, I will make my notes for the video available so that you can use it as a framework for your policy. It should save you a great deal of time.

However you use this resource, I hope that it helps you with the challenges I know you face.  I can’t promise you that all your pupils will be well behaved at all times, but I can assure you that if applied consistently each day, the strategy should lead to improved wellbeing of staff and pupils and lead to pupils being far more ready to learn.”

With thanks to our contributing schools: SGS Pegasus 3-16 school; Nant Y Celyn Primary School; and Rhyw Syr Dafydd Primary School.