Course Duration

course duration

Up to 15 months


Training Cost

No cost to the learner or the organisation. A Welsh Government and ESF funded qualification

Qualification Units

Qualification Units

Vocational, Theory and Essential Skills


course enrolment

Comprehensive enrolment process and support provided from a designated assessor


The qualification is designed for learners working in a relevant activity leadership role who wish to become involved in coaching, and have responsibility for the planning, delivery and evaluation of linked and progressive coaching sessions.

The learner will:

  • Focus on skills and competencies required to be able to plan, deliver and review a series of linked and progressive sport and physical activity coaching sessions, either working independently or as part of a coaching team.
  • Be introduced to the principles and practices of safe, ethical and effective practice in leading activity sessions, in order to confirm competence to the required standard in an appropriate sport environment.
  • Develop an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as an employee in the Active Learning and Leisure sector.
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