Perhaps everyone remembers the interview for their first job. I certainly remember mine from 1988. A formidable primary adviser of the time asked me how I would set up my classroom.  I realise now that she suspected that as a student teacher, I had only ever taught in classrooms set up by others.  She was keen to see what type of learning environment I would establish.

The reason the memory remains so vivid is that my response included the fact that I would have a teacher’s desk.  It was as if I lit her fuse!  I quickly learned that she hated teachers’ desks, particularly those that dominated the children’s learning environment. Whilst I recovered and got the job, I never had a teacher’s desk in any of the classrooms in which I worked, opting for workstations of varying sorts.

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Mike GlaviLINKEDIN MIKE PROFILE no shadown is a professional, committed educationalist with extensive experience of school improvement within a wide range of contexts, including local authority, consortium and a range of schools -faith schools, schools challenged by social factors and a prestigious international school.

Mike transformed the three schools he led as a headteacher, ensuring that the focus remained on the learners and what they needed. He went on to be a transformational leader as a senior officer in a local authority and as the Assistant Director and then Managing Director of the largest educational consortium in Wales.

In addition, Mike has significant experience of preparing candidates for Headship and in supporting/challenging schools as a system leader/primary adviser.

Mike is now Managing Director of his own company, Mike Glavin Catalyst Limited. Though he claims to be partially retired, he seems as busy as ever in supporting others to make a positive difference for learners.

Few have secured the credibility and respect that he is afforded in the world of education. His integrity and honesty, combined with the judgement required to know when to listen and when to speak out, ensures that his communication is clear, appropriate and effective. Mike is a hard working professional with a proven track record of thriving in challenging situations, whilst ensuring that the focus is on learners.